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ProTouch Car Wash

Our superior wash system incorporates both touch-free and friction, giving car owners who prefer the “clean” produced by friction systems the clear choice. Our detergent coverage and simplified two brush engineering provides the ultimate cleaning performance with minimal brush contact. During each wash, your tires receive a chemical application, then wheel rims receive an intense circular rotational scrubbing, and then the full wheel receives a high pressure water blast. Finally the high velocity air dry system keeps the rinse water moving in rapid motion across your vehicle, not allowing it to settle on the vehicles surface.

LaserWash Touch-Free Car Wash

Our LaserWash touch-free car wash gives you a safe, comfortable, and easy to use wash experience. Oscillating high pressure spray, colored cleaning foam, and super sealant leaves you with more than just a basic wash.  Our integrated dryer rinses and dries simultaneously in a single pass over your vehicle. This system improves rinsing while removing over 80% of the water in a single 10 second pass. Our simplified touchless design also lowers energy and water usage for a more Earth-friendly experience.

auto wash


Get that showroom shine in no time. Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine lets you skip the hours of hand waxing. And get yourself ready for the show, our applicator provides an exciting color light display. Watch the Video!

Convenient Pay Kiosks

Drive Up. Pay. Get Clean. Our convenient pay kiosks located in the rear of the building lead you to either our ProTouch or LaserWash bays.  Each kiosk accepts all major credit cards, multi-wash Access cards, cash, and even coins. To purchase a multi-wash Access card or gift card, please visit Chris Auto Body next door and we will be glad to help you out.

Self-Serve Car Wash

Do it yourself. Our Self-Serve Car Wash system has all the tools you need to get your car clean at your own pace. We have a high-pressure water sprayer, a soap sprayer, and a scrubbing brush for those hard to clean spots. We also have handy rubber floor mat clips so you can hang your mats and give them a clean as well. And if you have carpeted floor mats you can visit our vacuum and shampoo machines located at the front of the building.

Carpet Wizard Vacuum + Shampoo & Spot Remover

Got mess? Don’t worry about it, come on down and visit our Carpet Wizard Vacuum + Shampoo & Spot Remover. Our convenient high power vacuum system combined with a shampoo and spot remover brush provides you with the tools to make your vehicles inside super clean again. And don’t forget to clean your vehicle’s exterior while your here.

High Power Car Vacuums

Dirt, sand, crumbs, even Cheerios…it all gets down in there. Now you can clean it all up with our high power industrial strength vacuum cleaners. Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with two heavy-duty motors for deep suction to get all that unwanted dirt out of your vehicle’s carpets. And don’t forget to vacuum your floor mats too!


Free Micro-Fiber Towels & Accessories

FREE high-quality micro-fiber towels are always available to get your car dry and who doesn’t like a good smelling car? Before you leave you can visit our Air Freshener and Cleaning Accessories vending machine at the front of the auto wash. Your sparkling clean and better looking vehicle could smell better too!


Multi-Wash & Gift Cards

Like keeping your car clean?
Need a gift idea?

A multi-wash Access card or gift card may be  the answer. To purchase a multi-wash Access card or a gift card, please visit Chris Auto Body next door.

We will be happy to assist you!

About Us

DeLuca’s Auto Wash is owned and managed by the folks at Chris Auto Body right next door. They have proudly provided auto body repair for vehicle owners for more than 40 years in the Northern MA and Southern NH seacoast area. Keeping your vehicle looking the best it can be has always been the goal and DeLuca’s Auto Wash is a reflection of that same thinking. So come get your car washed today, you both deserve it.

106 Elm St, Salisbury, MA 01952

DeLuca's Auto Wash

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